Hot Water Tank Repair

Hot Water Tank Repair & Service on Vancouver Island, BC

There is nothing worse than jumping into the shower only to quickly realize that you have no hot water. The team at Archie Johnstone Plumbing & Heating understands that this can throw a wrench into your day. If you suddenly find yourself without hot water, give us a call & we’ll send one of our licensed and bonded technicians to your home so that your hot water is restored as quickly as possible. With 65 years of experience in servicing residential hot water tanks across Vancouver Island, we have the ability to service all makes & models.

A residential hot water tank’s life expectancy is about 8-12 years but can vary depending on the tanks design, quality of installation and maintenance schedule. If you are considering replacing your residential hot water tank, our team will work with you and your budget to find a hot water tank that suits your homes water needs. Heating water can account for as much as 14-18% of your utility bill, which makes the decision to replace a residential hot water tank no small one. The experienced technicians at Archie Johnstone Plumbing & Heating have the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly install a new residential hot water tank for your home. Newer tanks have a higher energy efficiency ratings which can save you money long-term. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about which residential hot water tank is right for you, contact us today.


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